Langdale Road, Bakersfield, 1932

The year 2015 marks Nottingham City Homes’ tenth anniversary. In planning events to mark the occasion, we realised two important facts: while it has been a decade of considerable achievement, our story is actually part of a much bigger history – and how the rich story of council housing in the city has never been fully documented. This book goes some way towards changing that. It’s a story of Nottingham, a story of great municipal endeavour, the outcome of which the city and its residents can justifiably be proud of. A story of Nottingham people, and the places they call home. Creating decent homes for everyone in Nottingham is what lies at the heart of this story. The writing of this book has involved many people, including residents past and present, the staff of Nottingham City Homes and Nottingham City Council, and people involved with other organisations in the city and beyond.

Designs for new council housing in Radford

The book celebrates the housing achievements of the City of Nottingham. We hope it suitably records the endeavours of all those who have contributed to providing a decent home for Nottingham’s residents over the years. We’d like to dedicate this book to our tenants and residents, past, present and future - since any story of housing is really the story of the people who live in it.

Janet Storar MBE
Chair of the Board
Nottingham City Homes

Nick Murphy
Chief Executive
Nottingham City Homes

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